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My native village

Губасова Наталья Александровна,
ученица 5А класса.
МБОУ Топчихинская средняя школа №1
имени Героя России Дмитрия Ерофеева
Учитель: Фролова Валентина Константиновна

Topchikha is a village in Altay territory. It is an administrative centre of Topchikhinsky area. The population is 9,4 thousand people. (2003). It was founded in 1915. There is a railway station with the same name in Topchikha. There are a lot of sights in our village: a large granary, a mill factory, a bread-baking complex, a printing house, two schools, three preschool institutions, a large hospital, a library and a Glory avenue. There are monuments to dead soldiers and Heroes of the Great Patriotic War. The surnames of the soldiers are written on monuments and portraits are drawn there. River Ob flows through the territory of our region. We also have small rivers: Barnaulka, Kalmanka, Kamyshenka. A tape pine forest is in the northwest, and in the southeast part of our territory there is a large forest too. A birch, a poplar, a pine, an aspen, a bird cherry grow in Topchikha. These kinds of animals live in our territory: an elk, a wolf, a fox, a badger, a beaver, a hare, a polecat, a muskrat. You can also see different kinds of ducks, a heron, a crane, a bittern, a seagull, the curlew, a wood-grouse, a black grouse, a white partridge, a woodcock living in the forests of our region. Crucians, carps, tenches, pikes, perches, breams, sturgeons, sterlets, pike perches swim in our rivers and ponds. I invite you to come to us, to visit Topchikha and see the beauty of our nature.

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