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Толстихина Мария Сергеевна
МОБУ СОШ № 192
г. Свободного Амурской области
Руководитель: Зуева Л. В.

My name is Masha. My surname is Tolstickina. I am from Svobodnyy. It is in the Far East, I am 9 years old. In April I will be 10 y.o. I have got a brother Ivan and a sister Ann. My mother works at school. I have got pets: two cats, a dog and fish. I like to feed pets and to watch them I can sing and skate well. Last summer I learned to ride a bike. I am in the forth form. My school is big and cosy. It is old. This year it turns 100 years old. My school and my native town are of the same age. During the World war ІІ there was a hospital at my school. My town stands on the river Zeya. It flows into the Amur river. My town has a sad history. Svobodnyy was founded in August, 12 1912 in honour of the birth of the last tsar’s son Alexej. At first the town used the name Alexejevsk. After the Revolution it got another name Svobodnij. The town became the centre of the concentration camps. The politprisoners from the whole country were sent here. There was a prison in the building of the modern railway college. It was built on the design of the talented engineer M.Chesnokov. A railway station and a street use his name. This street passes near the Laso square. Here you can see a monument to the foundation of the town. My town is not large but nice. The Victory memorial is one of the most important places of the town. My family and I go there to the meeting on the ninth of May. The Gaidai cinema is in the centre of the town. It is a morden restored building. The legendary film director was born and lived in our town. I like the St. Nikolai church. It is small but cosy, beautiful and old. I like to go there on Sundays. Our town is famous for the Children’s railway. It was founded in 1940. It is the longest Children’s railway in our country. In summer my family and I often go to the lake Bardagon by the railway. It is exciting to travel by the railway. I love my town. I want it to be clean and modern.

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