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Углегорск - Космодром Восточный

Александрова Александра Андреевна,
ученица 10 А класса;
Смирнова Наталия Анатольевна,
учитель английского языка.
МБОУ СОШ №7 ЗАТО Углегорск Амурская область
Учитель 1 категории,
стаж преподавательской деятельности 12 лет.

My lovely town Uglegorsk is situated in Amur region, in about fifty kilometers from towns Svobodny and Shimanovsk and in one hundred and ten kilometers from the Russian - Chinese border. It was founded in 1961 as a closed military town. Now you can observe 33 buildings there, a secondary school, 2 kindergartens, a School of Art, a hospital and a new sport centre. A wooden Orthodox church is being built now.
Uglegorsk is a former military town in the past and Closed Administrative Territorial Formation in present. Soon it will become Cosmodrome "Vostochny". The town's population is about 5000 people, but it will increase up to 25000, when a group of engineers, workers and their families come into our town to built Cosmodrome.
There are so many wonderful sights, which attract numerous groups of tourists : a fantastic space museum, a beautiful bronze monument to Yuri Gagarin, who was the first to explore the space. By the way, the monument was erased with the help of our citizens and charity organizations.
The nature in Uglegorsk is amazingly beautiful. We enjoy swimming in rivers and lakes: the Pyora, the Goluboye, the Buzulinskoe lakes, the Zea. They are valued for their pure waters and unique environment. Our taiga- forest is rich in various wild plants, animals and birds. You can see a jumping squirrel on the pine tree, a flying Oriental crane, a sleeping brown bear. You can be surprised by seeing roe deer, wild boars, hares, black and brown squirrels which live nearby and other interesting species of animals. There are so many magnificent birds: owls, partridges, sparrows, magpies, crows, chickadees, woodpeckers …
I was born here and I've lived a half of my life in Uglegorsk. In my opinion, it is the best place for growing up children. It is a quiet, calm place. People in Uglegorsk are like a big family and know each other very well and everybody is likely to give you a helpful hand if you’re in trouble.

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