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Arkhangelsk – a cradle of the Russian Fleet

Поспелов Даниил Андреевич
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное
учреждение «Общеобразовательная гимназия №6»
Ученик 11 «Б» класса

It historically happened that Arkhangelsk was the first and the only one of its kind sea port in Russia up to the 18th century. The nature of severe surroundings and the constant perils of seafaring life made Pomors fearless sailors and courageous fishermen. They undertook distant and dangerous sea-voyages. That’s why fishing has always been one of the main branches of economy in the North.
By the end of the 16th century Arkhangelsk had a brisk trade with European countries. The Russian tsar Ivan IV understood the importance of such trade for Russia and he ordered to found a town in the North, in the mouth of the Northern Dvina – a town-port for conducting trade with European countries. In the 17th century Arkhangelsk became a major centre of Russian trade with foreign countries. The rapid development of Arkhangelsk Fleet began during the reign of Peter I. In 1693 he founded a shipyard in Solombala. In the year of 1694, the Russian tsar arrived in Arkhangelsk for the second time to launch the first Russian trade ship 'Saint Paul'. Thus was the Russian Trade Fleet born and Arkhangelsk is rightly considered to be a cradle of the Russian Fleet.
Moreover, in our city there is the Northern Shipping Company, one of the oldest in our country. The company specializes in transporting timber. Nowadays its fleet totals about 30 vessels. There are a lot of other interesting facts about our city. Please, come on and have a look. You are welcome to our city.

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