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Archangelsk. Our Small Motherland

Щурик Владислав Николаевич
МБОУ ОСОШ г.Архангельск
16 лет , 10 а Класс

A birthplace is like a nest for a bird. Our nest is Archangelsk. It’s worth getting acquainted with surprising originality of the Russian North. Founded in 1584 the first port of Russia has done great services to the country assisting polar ships of the first Arctic research and Northern Seaway expeditions. Our people are proud of their native land. It gave the world the first Russian academician Michael Lomonosov, many other famous people. The descendents of old shipbuilders created the fleet of nuclear submarines. The Solovets Kremlin, the museum of wooden architecture in Maly Korely and other places are majestic! The traditions of skilled craftsmen are still alive. The Pomor land has always been an attraction place for numerous tourists. There have never been slavery, serfdom in our region. Freedom- loving, strong, courageous, industrious people live on both banks of the Northern Dvina. Northerners performed a lot of heroic deeds during the whole history. Ivan Ryabov, a pilot, grounded the Swedish fleet in 1701 in our places. Our people were heroes during the Great Patriotic War. Archangelsk is a City of Military Glory. Many legends are told about our town. Some persons think that polar bears go along our streets, peep in the windows of our houses at nights. The town citizens are called cod- eaters. There was a time when such words could be heard about Archangelsk: a board, a cod and melancholy. Melancholy? Serious people who were always ready to overcome hardships were at the same time merry, full of humour, liked songs and fairy- tales. One can’t help laughing when you read unbelievable stories of our writer Stepan Pisachov which are funny, full of fantasy. There are unique monuments to this author and his main character Malina in Chumbarov- Luchinsky Street, the so- called Arbat of Archangelsk. Our town is worth loving. Born in Archangelsk an English writer Eugene Fraser wrote the book «The House by the Dvina». She had to leave our town at 15 during the Civil War but the woman kept love for her dear Archangelsk all her life. Most of us also love our birthplace. There is no place like home.

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