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"The Varvatsievsky Bridge"

Инжеватов Кирилл
МБОУ «СОШ №13» г. Астрахани, 8Б класс
Учитель английского языка
Здоренко Елена Аркадьевна
Инжеватов Кирилл
I live in Astrakhan, in an ancient historical city on the river Volga. There are a lot of bridges and canals there. My city is often called ‘the second Venice’, ‘a pearl’ of the lower Volga.
Walking with my friends and crossing one of the Astrakhan canals, I noticed the sign “The Varvatsievsky Bridge”. I'm interested in history, and I tried to know more about the person whose name was given to the bridge.
Ivan Andreevich Varvatsy was born in Greece.During the war of Russia with Turkey Varvatsy took part in the well-known Chesmensky sea fight. He showed his heroism and courage. After the war Varvatsy arrived to Petersburg where was appointed to public service to Astrakhan. Varvatsy became a rich merchant and one of the famous benefactors of the city. Astrakhan was his real home; he made a great contribution to the development and improvement of it. Varvatsy built the bell-tower in the Kremlin in 1813, a stone hospital for 50 persons, and a church near it. Under his initiative the building of the channel connecting the Volga and the river Kutum was finished. They were called by his name.
Varvatsy was a Great Russian and Greece patriot, and I'm proud that he was an Astrakhan citizen.There is a monument to him in our city.
If you visit my city somewhere, come to the Varvatsievsky Bridge. You’ll be able to enjoy picturesque views of Astrakhan from any place of this wonderful bridge.

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