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Veliky Novgorod, sights

Мельникова Снежана Васильевна
Новгородская область,
город Великий Новгород,
МАОУ Гимназия «Исток»
Мельникова Снежана Васильевна
I live in Novgorod and admire its history. Novgorod was the center of Russian democratic traditions. Every citizen took part in the” veche” - an ancient parliament.
It is a well-known fact that education was of great importance in Novgorod. In the 11th century, by the will of the great Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the first school was established. The famous investigator of ancient Novgorod Academician Yanin called it “the cradle of Russian education”. Novgorod was one of the greatest art centers. Ancient paintings, icons, stone monuments are famous all over the world.
The Kremlin is the heart of my town and my favorite place. First of all you will be fascinated by the cathedral of St. Sophia. During the Nazi occupation, the Kremlin was heavily damaged, but the unique creation of Russian national art itself survived. In the central square of the Kremlin stands the monument "The Millennium of Russia". This unique document in bronze includes more than hundred figures of famous Russian people: Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Rurik, Yermak, Minin and Pozharsky, Peter the Great, Lomonosov and Pushkin.
On the opposite bank of the Volkhov you can see Yaroslav Court that was known since the middle of the 8th century as a site of the international Trade-yard, the oldest in northern Europe.
The open-air wooden architectural museum "Vitoslavlitsy" also attracts tourists from all over the world. In this museum they can see ancient churches built without nails and houses of Russian peasants. Here you can buy souvenirs, made of birch bark and wood, observe Russian holidays and ceremonies. Today Novgorod is a quiet, beautiful and clean town. Novgorod is a member of the Hanseatic League. It has good relations with many cities. Novgorod is just the place, which you never forget!

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