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«His Life is an Example to Follow»

Андреева Анна Михайловна
МАОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №8
г. Великий Новгород

For 30 years young joyful voices can be heard in our school gym in April. Their sounds die away on the 16th of April. Students and numerous adults stay still for a minute. They honor Alexander Filippov and other brave Soviet men who died for their Fatherland at one of the most tragic periods of its newest history, in Afghanistan. Our former student Alexander Filippov perished there 30 years ago.Filippov was born on the 16th of April, 1955 in the Novgorod region. Alexander studied at school № 8. He was fond of sports. He used to be a basketball captain and his team always won. His father took part in the Great Patriotic War. Alexander decided to become an officer too. He entered the High Military Airborne School in Ryazan in 1972. In 1981 Alexander Filippov was sent to Afghanistan as a company commander. On the 10th of July 1981 his company had a fatal fight. The enemy was numerous and Alexander ordered his soldiers to withdraw. A few soldiers and he protected their retreat. Alexander did his best.Alexander was badly wounded but continued defending his friends up to his death.Alexander Filippov was the first officer in Novgorod to perish in Afghanistan.On the 23rd of November 1981 Alexander was decorated with Order of the Red Star (posthumously).
Alexander`s classmates decided to set a basketball tournament in honor of their former captain and to held it in April . The final game is between the winners and Alexander`s friends.
Our students respect their friendship and want everybody to remember Alexander.His photo is put forward and children decorate it with flowers. Alexander’s life was not long but it was the way of a brave Russian warrior.Alexander Filippov is taken on the staff of the High Military Airborne School in Ryazan.In our school museum we have got a lot of information about Alexander Filippov and other military men who took part in Afghanistan war. This April a commemorative plaque in their honor will be hung up on the front wall of our school. We have been keeping the memory of Alexander Filippov and other Novgorod warriors perished in Afghanistan for 30 years and want our Motherland to remember them forever.
Alexander Filippov

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