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Novgorod the Great

Мишукова Валерия, 5б класс,
Учитель-Марфицина Светлана Валерьевна
МАОУ «Гимназия «Исток», г. Великий Новгород

Novgorod my Novgorod
You are my native town
Always be in glory
Never go down
I like your ancient Kremlin
I like your modern streets
Novgorod with pleasure
Every stranger meets.
And in any weather
It is as usual great
Novgorod my pride
And my happy fate.

Novgorod the Great is my native town .I was born here and I love it very much! Novgorod the Great is one of the oldest towns in Russia. It was founded in 859. It is famous for its cathedrals, monuments and the Kremlin. The Kremlin is the heart of our town. Every year many tourists come to see it. You can see St .Sophia Cathedral and the monument of the Millennium of Russia there. St Sophia Cathedral is one of the oldest churches of Russia. It has a long history. You can see wonderful icons there. The monument of the Millennium of Russia was founded in 1862. It stands in the centre of the Kremlin. You will see the figures of many famous people on it: Peter the Great, Minin and Pojarsky, Ivan lll , Yaroslav the Wise , Ruric. I'd like to add, that Novgorod stands on the Volkhov river. It divides our town into two parts: the Trade Quarter and the St. Sophia Quarter .The Trade Quarter is famous for Yaroslav’s Court. There are many cathedrals around Novgorod (St. George Cathedral). I'm proud of my town and I hope that it will attract more tourists from over the world! Whatever your interests-Novgorod has something for you! You are welcome! Don’t miss you chance!

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