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Mysterious Novgorod

Ваган Марина, Романова Анна.
МАОУ « Гимназия Новоскул»
Преподаватель: Селяева Наталья Александровна

Welcome to Lord Novgorod the Great, to the city which occupies a place of honour in the bright collection of the World renowned artistic centers. I want to show you our city, which is full of mysteries, legends and superstitions.
1. The first legend is about the stone pigeon On one of the domes of the Sofia Cathedral there is a stone pigeon. According to this legend it hardened, when saw Tsar Ivan Grozny killing many Novgorodian people and drowning freedom of Novgorod in blood. And while the pigeon rests on the top of the Sofia Cathedral, the city will be prosperous, but when the pigeon falls down, Novgorod will go to ruin.
2. The icon of the Virgin is one of the most remarkable wonders of Novgorod. In 1170 an event occurred that was to firmly establish the Sofia Cathedral as a place of pilgrimage. An army from Suzdal attacked Novgorod and was threatening to capture the town. The local bishop had a vision in which he was instructed to carry the icon of the Virgin to the fortress walls. An attacker’s arrow flew through the air and lodged directly in the icon, where upon tears began to flow from the Virgin’s eyes. At that moment all the attackers went blind and the army of Novgorod was able to easily defeat the enemy. Since that time the icon of the Virgin has been named Znamenie, meaning ‘Our Lady of the Sign’ and she is believed to be the protector of the city.
Of course, there are a lot of other interesting legends and superstitions about our wonderful town. To finish with, I’d like to quote the poem, written by Selyaeva Natalia, my teacher of English.

I bow my head and kneel, when see Sofia’s ancient walls
The time goes by, we feel the history, its rise and falls
We live today but can’t forget the Lord’s background and its start
‘cause every step and every glance gives restless beating of its heart.

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