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The monument to «The Millennium of Russia»

Смирнова Елена, 6б класс
Трофимова Марина Николаевна,
учитель английского языка
МАОУ «Гимназия «Новоскул»

I’ve been living in Novgorod for all my life. It’s the best city in the world and I love it dearly. There are many monuments to see here, but my favourite is «The Millennium of Russia».
It is in the centre of the Kremlin. The monument resembles both a bell, which has been traditionally associated with the voice of the people in Russia, and “The Monomakh Cap” – the symbol of the Russian tsars’ power. The Monument was created by great Russian sculptors Mikhail Mikeshin, Ivan Shreder and architect Victor Gartman in 1862 in honor of thousand-year anniversary of legendary calling of Varangians to Russia, and in commemoration of a huge contribution of Novgorod to the state and cultural construction of Russia. This monument is rather unique: another such isn't present anywhere in the world. The monument has the impressive sizes: its height – 15, 7 meters, diameter of a granite pedestal – 9 meters, its length is 27 meters, weight – 65, 5 tons. . On a three-storied monument there are 129 figures. The monument glorifies the most outstanding persons, tells about the nice way of development passed by the Russian state for its thousand-year history. Not without reason throughout all time of its existence the monument is considered not only a symbol of Velikiy Novgorod, but also the symbol of the Russian state.
The most tragic years for the Monument were the years of Nazi occupation of Novgorod in 1941 – 1944. The Nazi dismantled it before retreat, but the plans failed only due to the unexpected offensive of the Soviet troops. The liberating troops saw the mutilated statues scattered on the snow. When in Novgorod, you should see the Monument «The Millennium of Russia». Take a careful look at it and you will feel the pride of the descendants for Russia’s great past.

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