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Великий Новгород. Стихи о родном городе.

Трофимова Марина Николаевна
(учитель английского языка)
Терёшкин Артём (11б класс)
МАОУ «Гимназия «Новоскул»

From childhood Novgorod’s my native city.
It is very cool and I love it dearly.
Colorful streets and wide roads,
Who’s never been here loses a lot.
The high walls of the Kremlin
Began from Detinets.
Volkhov’s banks are linked by bridges,
Connecting the Sofia and Trade sides.
Different battles and stories’ve been here.
Where Novgorod’s now, they hunted the deer.
Lake Ilmen used to be called the Sea,
So beautiful a picture you’ll never see.
When World War II started,
Everything here was ruined and blasted.
But the national Russian spirit
Helped the people rebuild it anew.
There is the Kremlin in my town,
The Sophia Cathedral is its crown.
Our Kremlin is a fantastic place
With monuments and loud bells.
Vitoslavlitsy, Yurjevo, Yaroslav’s Court,
All these places are known abroad.
All summer teenagers spend time in the square.
Wake up, and go for fun there.
Old grandmas sit in the park
And different stories on benches discuss.
An ancient city for a young generation,
Veche Republic became the Federation.
All allies, all squares, all beautiful parks,
The places that have been created for us.
My town, I love you with all my soul.
You are my sweetest and priceless home.

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