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The Most Mysterious Place of the Vladimir Land

Чернобаева Анастасия Владимировна
Класс: 11 «А»
Учитель: Семёнова Марина Владимировна

The history of our ancient land of Vladimir is full of mysteries and miracles. One of the miracles is connected with Bogolyubovo which can be translated into English as the place loved by God. It happened in 1157. According to the legend one of the greatest Russian princes Andrey Bogolyubsky decided to transfer the capital of Russia from Kiev to Vladimir. Leaving the principality of Kiev he took the icon of Blessed Virgin which has been painted by Evangelist Luke, who had copied living Blessed Virgin. So, not far from the town the horses of Bogolyubsky stopped and refused to go forward. The prince saw a miracle: a Blessed Virgin appeared to him, wishing to establish the new residence here. He understood this event as a sign from the God and followed the desire of Blessed Virgin. In 1158 he built there a church and founded Bogolyubovo. It became the residence of the prince and that’s why he was called Bogolyubsky. However, he decided to stay and rule in Vladimir, choosing it as a new capital for Russia.
The prince was a kind ruler but in spite of his Christian virtues he had a lot of enemies. Once upon a time when he was resting in his residence in Bogolyubovo, he was attacked by the relatives of his wife, boyars Kuchkovichi. The crowd of twenty people martyred Bogolyubsky, who was not able to defend himself because his steward had stolen Bogolyubsky’s sword. So, in 1174 the prince Andrey Bogolyubsky was killed. His last words were: «Why are you trying to kill me? What is my fault? God will take revenge on you for my blood.»
The relics of Saint prince and his son Gleb are buried in the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.
After the death of Andrey Bogolyubsky, his residence was converted into a monastery. In the 18th century the Cathedral suffered barbaric reconstruction work. Many of the palace chambers were destroyed and now only a small part of the Cathedral (the Staircase Tower and the Passageway into the former church) reminds us of this masterpiece.

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