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The Park of My Memory

Козырев Борис 9 «в» класс.
МОУ Гимназия №5, Волгоград
Лукашина Ольга Германовна,
учитель иностранных языков

Козырев Борис
Volgograd is a large city, which is situated in the north-west of Russia. And it is the administrative center of Volgograd region.
There are many monuments in our city, which are well-known to all people and many of them are associated with the Great Patriotic War. I think each person in Russia must know the Mamayev Hill and the Statue of Motherland, which commemorate the Stalingrad battle. The Panorama Museum and Pavlov House are also associated with the battle, but there some non-military monuments and places, which are also very popular with our citizens, such as Gagarin Park, which has got a dramatic history.
The Park is situated in Krasnooktyabrskiy district. It was founded by the workers of Barricades factory in 1925. During the GPW there were street fights there and now you can see the Bed of Honour here. After the GPW the park was reconstructed and several years later it became one of the best parks not only in Volgograd, but in the whole country. Anatoliy Kozyrev, my grandfather, was the main gardener in the park. It was his responsibility to choose the plans for the park and he even designed some corners of the park himself. The park had become his second child.

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