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My homeland - Veliky Ustyug

Иванова Вера Владимировна
МОУ «Гимназия»

My name is Vera. I am interested in linguistics.

My homeland is Veliky Ustyug. It is situated in the north-west of the Vologda region, in the place where two rivers, the Yug and the Sukhona, merge and give birth to the North Dvina. It's an old beautiful Russian town. The history of the ancient settlement dates back to the middle of the 12th century. My town was famous as a center of trade. Merchants from Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain arrived in Ustyug.
The patron saint of Veliky Ustyug is Prokopy the Pious. Prokopy was one of foreign traders who came to Russia with his goods. The beauty of Orthodox church conquered his heart and he decided to live in Russia. He traveled to the North and encountered Veliky Ustyug on his way. He wanted to spend his life in the town. He became the whacky: he ate little food, wore the robe, slept on the ground and prayed a lot. The inhabitants of Veliky Ustyug had a lot of sins before the God. Prokopy foresaw God's anger, but nobody believed him. So Prokopy went to the church and started to pray. He saved the town from a cloud of stones which was administered to Ustuyg as a punishment for its inhabitants' neglect for prayer. Prokopy prayed about salvation of townsmen, sitting on a rock by the shore day and night. The shower of stones fell not far from the town in the place called Kotyvalovo. People were grateful for the salvation and built Cathedral in honour of the Prokopy.
I am proud that Prokopy the Pious is the patron Saint of my homeland.

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