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This story is about the patron of our town, Procopius of Ustyug.

Коледюк Ксения Олеговна
МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»

In the twelfth century merchants’ ships sailed up from Germany. On one of those ships there was a man whose name was Glande Kambila. He went to Russia to be a dealer.
When Glande came to Novgorod, he visited the Hagia Sophia and attended divine service. He was greatly impressed and felt that his place was in Russia. The merchant decided to remain there and to adopt Christianity. He came to Monastery and learnt God’s Commandments. Glande handed everything he had out and became a yurodivy. The man was named Procopius.
He had to suffer from many difficulties, but he wasn’t going to give up. The man believed that his soul was opened for God. One day Procopius came to Veliky Ustyug. There he found a shelter in a decrepit shack. People laughed at him and turned him out, but his will was very strong. The yurodivy loved people and wanted to help them. Every day he went to the Dormition Cathedral and prayed. Procopius tried to call people for the repentance, because he knew that God would punish them for their sins, but nobody listened to him.
Once Procopius went to the Cathedral and asked everybody there to pray for there lives, because he knew that God had got angry with all people. Nobody believed him again. The yurodivy walked in the streets, cried and tried to convince townsfolk that danger was nearing. On Sunday morning there was a stoned black cloud over the town. Everyone panicked and ran to the Cathedral. People understood that Procopius was right. When they came he was already there. The saint prayed for a long time with tears in his eyes. Suddenly people felt the great fragrance. They went out and saw that the stoned cloud had been gone! Procopius worked a miracle and saved all town from death.

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