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Пономарёва Юлия Сергеевна,
ученица 10 "А" класса
Санкт-Петербург ГБОУ № 553
с углублённым изучением английского языка
Учитель - Купцова Оксана Эдуардовна

My native city is Saint-Petersburg and no doubt I love it very much but I think that about this distinguished city says too much so in this work I decided to tell about another place in Russia which is really dear to me. This place is called Totma. It is a small town which is located in Vologda Region. During last six years I have gone there every summer holidays to my grandparents. The history of Totma is interesting. In the medieval centuries Totma was a huge center of salt and an important trading post on the way to The White Sea. Since olden times Totma was famous of splendid shrines. At the beginning of XX century there were seventeen big stone temples. Nowadays there are at least five big churches and a great amount of little ones. The next amazing fact is the history of its name. People say that when Peter the Great firstly came to Totma he said: « То не город-то тьма». So everybody began to call this town – Totma. Totma stands on the River Suhona. It is the legendary river because it changes the direction of its stream twice a year. Only several rivers all over the world can do it. Also Totma has a lot of civic buildings. The oldest one is the house of the merchant Holodilov. Another distinguishing feature of this town is its coat of arm. There is «black fox in the gold field» as an image of it – black fox in the pose of moving on a yellow background. The reason why people have chosen such image is that hunters who lived in Totma earlier used to hunt on foxes a lot. In conclusion I would like to say that I think not even worth talking about picturesque sights of this wonderful little town which plays a great role in my life. For me it is the most cozy and pretty place in the world.

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