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Cherepovets is an industrial city

Марченков Максим Леонидович
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
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«Дом детства и юношества «Дом знаний»

Марченков Максим Леонидович

Hello, my name is Maxim Marchenkov and I’m a student of the «Dialogue of Cultures» School-Studio. I’m afraid there are no activities to be called my hobbies but sport, especially football, is the thing I’m interested in. You know also I like listening to music (it may seem strange but such genres as rock and classics are in my preference list). And, surely, the thing I adore (and bow to) is English.

Cherepovets is an industrial city in the North-Western part of the Russian Federation. For Russian people the city’s name tends to be associated with the word «cherep», which means a «scull», and the word «ovtsa», which’s meaning is «sheep». But is this set of words close to the real story of the name «Cherepovets»?
In fact, there are no official evidences that could clear up the origin of the name of the city; only legends, touching this theme, exist. As historians say, the first tribes of humans appeared on the territory of modern Cherepovets approximately 4000 ago. One of the most truly stories of the name’s origin supposes that it was influenced by the name of the tribe called Ves’ which was established there by the ninth century. Later years its population mixed up with the people of the neighboring Slavic tribes.
Another variant of the name’s origin exists too. It’s considered that the word «Cherepovets» is a mixture of several Old Russian language words. These words are «cherep’» which means «a place located on an elevation» and «ves’» which means «a village». A few historians have a version that about name «Cherepovets». They believe that there was a sanctuary (the ancient name is «cherep») in honor of the barbarian god Veles, situated on the hill, on the territory of the modern city.
But usually tourists of Cherepovets are told that the name of the city was given by Russian Impress Catherine II. The story was that the Impress was riding in the chariot in the place of the future city and the royal chariot stumbled on a skull of a sheep. After this Catherine got angry with it and said: «Let the town of Cherepovets appear here!»
Well, not many people know these stories. And let them still associate Cherepovets with sheep, though pasturing sheep has never been the city’s business.

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