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The history of the Vologda region

Левина Ксения Александровна
Смирнова Анна Вадимовна
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Левина Ксения Александровна и Смирнова Анна Вадимовна
The history of the Vologda region is lost in the deepness of centuries. The most ancient town – Beloozero was first mentioned in 862. The largest cities and towns of the region are Cherepovets, Vologda, Veliky Ustyug. Most of towns of a modern Vologda region were founded during the reforms of Catherine the Great.
The Vologda region is an important transport junction of Russia. The territory of the region is crossed by highways and railways connecting the European part of Russia with the Urals and the Siberia regions. There are a lot of rivers in the Vologda region carrying waters to the Baltic, the Caspian and the White seas. The main natural resources are timber and fresh water.
The Vologda region is often associated with the Vologda butter and the Vologda lace. The variety of herbs stimulated production of butter with a unique taste. The traditions of butter manufacturing are still kept and nowadays it is produced in big factories of Vologda, Cherepovets and other towns. The special technology of lace making using diverse ornaments formed the special style of the Vologda lace.
Children all over the Russia send letters to Vologda region, where Father Frost lives. He is a fictional character who is said to bring presents to children. In 1998 the town of Veliky Ustyug in the Vologda region, Russia was declared the home of the Russian Father Frost by Yury Luzhkov, then mayor of Moscow. Father Frost lives with his granddaughter Snowmaiden. Children believe that he can make their dreams come true.
The Vologda region is the motherland of lots of famous people. One of them is Vasiliy Vereshchagin, a great artist whose pictures are well-known all over the world. He also had a brother, who produced the Vologda butter. Some sportsmen were also born in the Vologda region. They are a skate-runner Ivan Skobrev, a ski-runner Alyabiev, a swimmer Anna Polyakova. The Vologda region is also known for its TV stars. They are a TV host Leonid Parfenov, an actress Anna Samochina and many others.
Vologda region is a wonderful place, where you can find lots of tourist attractions, big busy cities, a great amount of beautiful wide rivers. So it’s a place where everyone can find something to enjoy and admire.

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