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ЕАО Смидовичский район п.Николаевка
Федоровских Татьяна 10 класс
МБОУ СОШ №7 пгт. Николаевка
Учитель: Школьная Наталья Владимировна

I live in the settlement of city type Nikolaevka. It is located in the Smidovichsky area of the Jewish autonomous region of Russia. The population makes about 7912 people. A site on Tungusk's right river bank (Amur River inflow). As, the settlement is frontier – distance to frontier of the People's Republic of China of 16 km. It is based in 1898, and the status of city type got in 1938.
This settlement is improbably beautiful, irrespective of a season and days. Always is where and how to spend the leisure-time. At us there are a lot of circles, sports sections. Kiokushinkay of karate - are the best-known to and music school, which help adults and children to get the talent and already show they it can at the All-Russia and international levels. As there is a pool and dances where the children can be attached without effort. Still we have a Recreation center where in the summer children spend the time, and concerts for people of all age every holiday are held. In the summer at us on Tungusk's river teenagers are engaged in sailing that gives them huge pleasure and chance to prove to be already in competitions. Every year, in the summer, our settlement meets and receives many guests from all Smidovichsky area, for this purpose that the best athletes from the settlement showed, on what are capable also what will power. After all for participation in competitions this quality of much important physical preparation. Nikolaevka is proud of the writer of the native, and with pleasure reads its literature. His name is Nikolay Dmitriyevich Navolochkin. He is the frequent guest of the Nikolaev schools and Recreation centers. I love the settlement, its unusual and fine nature.

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