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Mantsurova Daria Denisovna
Ekaterinburg, Grammar School № 70
5B Form
My English Teacher is
Kulakova Larisa Vladimirovna

I live in a fantastic city Ekaterinburg. There are a lot of magnificent places in Ekaterinburg: museums and modern art galleries, beautiful theatres, popular monuments, a big circus, a wonderful Zoo and other interesting things. There are also a lot of sport centres, restaurants and cafes. But there is only one place, where you can see our city get the bird's eye. This sight is Antaeus.
Antaeus is in the centre of the city. It is very famous for its exciting views of Ekaterinburg. There are twenty one floor in it and its height is seventy six metres. There are five floors of different shops and there is a bank too. There is a bright disco, bowling and billiards. There is a parking zone and cafes with tasty food. In the good weather the visibility gets as far as twenty five kilometres. In Antaeus at night you can see a lot of lights of the city. I think that it is very romantic. People use Antaeus like a place for weddings. At the weddings newly wedded let out white pigeons from the big windows of Antaeus.
On the top of Antaeus there is a talisman of the cat. If you want your wish come true, you have to think of the wish and then throw a coin through the cat's mouth.
At night, when I look through the window I see the lights of the Antaeus, because this skyscraper is one of the highest buildings of Ekaterinburg. The Antaeus is the first skyskraper of the city.
I am very proud of my city. I think that there are a lot of interesting places in Ekaterinburg. If you go to our city, you have to visit Antaeus and learn something fascinating about it!!!

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