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Sports in Yekaterinburg

Чехомов Игорь Владиславович
Гимназия №70, 5 "Б" класс
г. Екатеринбург

People in Yekaterinburg are very fond of sports. The citizens of all ages like doing and watching sports. Yekaterinburg has got many sports schools and sections. The most popular games in our city are football and basketball.
Yekaterinburg has got wonderful possibilities for sports advance. For example, now we are re-building the central stadium, specially for the World-Champion Cup, which will be held in Yekaterinburg in 2018. My city has got lots of swimming pools, stadiums and sports courts too.
Mini-football is also popular in Yekaterinburg. Our team “Viz-Sinara’’ was the champion of Europe in 2008 and the champion of Russia for many times, for example in 2010.
Our women basketball team “Uralochka” is famous all over the world. By the way, basketball and volleyball games are always hold in sports hall “DIVS”.
By the way there is a sport ice-rink near my house. An ice-hockey team called “Automobilist” is training there. As for me, I also like playing ice-hockey with my friends.
Some people in our city are interested in ballroom dances. And I’m too. Many dancing competitions are hold in Yekaterinburg and I also take part in some of them, for example in the international cup "Europe-Asia".
Sport is an essential part of Yekaterinburgers’ daily life. Come to our city and enjoy sport with us!

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