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Urda - Aga, my native place

Нефедова Инга Владимировна, 11 класс
Забайкальский край,
Агинский район, село Урда-Ага
МБОУ «Урда-Агинская СОШ им.Г.Цыбикова»
Учитель английского языка
Далаева Бальжима Мункожаргаловна

My native village Urda-Aga is situated in Aginsk okrug, in Zabaikalye. Our region is wonderful with its austere nature. It is a land of contrasts. There are snow-capped tops of mountains, the dunes, crystal-clear whitewater rivers, the steppes, permafrost spots, hot water springs, spring time flowers of bagulnik.
Nature in my village is beautiful: woods, the river Aga, the lake Bilchir, the grove.
There is a legend that many years ago, in ancient times, the steppe tornado lifted Hilinsk White Big Lake’s water to the heavens and moved to the valley Bilchir. Since the lake Bilchir was formed. It is fed by underground waters. Over some years, the lake is a resting place for migratory birds. After a long break the white swans began to fly back. There is a legend about them. The Khory Buryats unite eleven tribes and they have a legend of their birth from the original mother – the swan. That’s why the Buryats’ worship and respect were expressed in the following way: women when heard the cries of flying swans took a full laddle of arsa or milk, went out of the yurta, springled it. It was great sin to kill swan – like killing a mother.
Our lake is also home to cranes, ducks, gulls, grey geese. 200-300 swans, other birds live in the spring from mid-May to mid-June and autumn from September to late October until the lake will not freeze. The flora is very rich too. There are Siberian Apricots, Baikal skullcap, bolshegolovnik, elms.
I love very much my small village and its nature.

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