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Alhanai, as a sacred object of Buddhism

Соронхорова Арюна Баировна
Образовательное учреждение
Агинская средняя школа №1

Я родилась 22 мая 1997 года в селе Токчин. В настоящее время проживаю в поселке Агинское, учусь в школе №1 в 9б классе. Занимаюсь волейболом, увлекаюсь шахматами. Моя учительница английского языка-Эрдыниева Светлана Базаровна

There are many wonderful places on the Earth, but Eastern Transbaikalia is one to be specially noticed by tourists from all over the world. This territory is wide and is different at all its sights: there are high mountains, wild forests, clear lakes and open steppes in this beautiful land. I think that one of the most unique places of the Eastern Transbaikalia is the Mount Alhanai, an inimitable by its beauty place. Alhanai is a sacred object of Buddhism. Every year many people and pilgrims come here to bow to sacred places and to take a cure in salutary mineral water. From early spring till late autumn groups of young and old pilgrims make a Kora – rounds. The route’s length is about 100 km. Usually it takes three days to make a big Kora around Alhanai.
In my opinion the most amazing and beautiful object of Alhanai Mountains is the Temple Gate. Temple Gate this rock’s remainders with arch. Temple Gate is the world of great blessing. People pray, present money, sweets and grain under the natural arch. Near the Temple Gate there are other cult objects as Mother’s Belly. Mother’s Belly is a grotto about 4 metres. This grotto is visited by families which want to have children. Not far it there is an another object to visit - Zagurdi. Zagurdi is a rock with a narrow hole. Over this narrow crack people get through in order to clean their sins. On the way to the peak of Alhanai there is an extensive widening called Heavenly Musician. In Heavenly Musician one can hear mysterious and wonderful music.
After the prolonged climb travelers reach the top of Alhanai, table-land on mark 1662 metres above the sea-level. On the Peak there are many crushed stones, small rock’s rubbles.
And at last the Peak is the home of Gods. From the Peak of Alhanai spaces on East and West open. Tourists can admire picturesque mountains, taiga, and a beautiful lake of Balzhin and valley in far dispose.
Alhanai is a pearl of Transbaikalia. And I’m proud of it and value that we have such a unique place!

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