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National park "Alkhanay"

Селиванова Лариса Викторовна
МОУ СОШ с. Смоленка.
Селиванова Лариса Викторовна,
ученица 10 класса
Учитель: Слепова Жанна Юрьевна

I want to tell you about one of the most mysterious places-the National Park "Alkhanay".It is situated in Zabaikalsky Territory in Aginsk district.It is a wonderful piece of nature: you can see high cliffs, stone rivers, curative springs, narrow ravines and caves.The Park's total area is 1382 km2.This place is very rich in natural Buddhist monuments-there are 17 monuments of historical and cultural importance.
Every year I pass along the Big Circle Root-a root for tourists, it represents a human life.It starts with a chapel on a spring.Then you go up a steep stone path to the Temple of Gates; people say one can see another world through it.These Gates lead to the world of the Master of Alkhanay-deity Demchog.After you go to the Crack of Sinners.When one passes through this Crack, he gets rid of all his sins.It's not long, 2-3 m.
After it the path goes to the cave dedicated to the Mother Ground; women come to this place to ask for a baby or to pray for their children's health.Not far from it you can see lots of stone Pyramids of Wishes.If you have a secret wish, make your own pyramid and it'll come true.
Another interesting place is the Celestial Musiciantess cave.It is 50 m high.On the top there is a "window" through which comes a stream of cosmic energy.After the Silver Springs the path leads to a steep descending.It is not long but very difficult.It goes to curative springs-the end of the Path. These springs are visited by people who want to cure their illnesses,they are also called Arshan.You may drink it or dip 7 times.It's not deep but very cold.
Everybody here obey a law:live in peace with the world.It's so pleasant to sit by the fire, watch the stars and feel close to something magical, cosmic and unusual. I can tell lots of other things about this place, but I won't: it's better to come and see it. And visit this place again and again.

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