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A small village Kadakhta in Zabaikalsky Krai

МОУ «Основная общеобразовательная школа с. Кадахта»
муниципального района «Карымский район» Забайкальского края.
Учитель английского языка – Антипьева Елена Сергеевна.
Английский язык изучается со 2 по 9 класс.
Над проектом работали учащиеся 3,4,7, 8 классов.

We live in a small village Kadakhta in Zabaikalsky Krai. It is located in southeastern Siberia. Our village with the population of more than a thousand people is situated on the valley of the river Ingoda.
It is considered in ancient times a Mongolian tribe of sangal stock-breeders lived there. Archaeologists have found a thick stratum with bones of camels, horses, cows, sheep and Mongolian knives and arrow tips too. At the beginning of the 17th century Russian explorers began to inhabit this territory and the settlement was named after the wife of the tribe chief Ka-da. The chief’s name was Ka-ran and there are a lot of families having a surname the Karandaevs in our region. According to another version the word “Kadakhta” means a mountain settlement from the Mongolian word “kada”. Zabaikalye is famous for its exceptional nature. Our village is surrounded by mountain ranges, conifer forests and rolling steppes. We call a mountainous ridge a “sopka” and a valley between mountains a “pad”. Our forests are full of mushrooms and berries. We like to spend our days-off picking up them, fishing, hunting, picnicking and simply enjoying the beauty of nature.
Other resources of our krai are its people. Kadakhta is inhabited by various ethnic groups: Russians, Buryats, Ukrainians, Evenks, Tatars, Jews, Germans. All of them get along with each other. There lives a wonderful man Boris Evseevich Popov. He is the author of the Monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Every year on May, 9 all inhabitants and guests of Kadakhta go to this place to pay tribute to our countrymen who died for the freedom of our country.
Our small village in “distant” Zabaikalye is the best of all places. We like to live there and we will do everything to make Kadakhta the most beautiful place on earth.

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