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Забайкальский край, с. Нижний Цасучей

Жаргалова Елена
учитель Сараева Светлана Юрьевна.
МБОУ Нижнецасучейская СОШ 10 класс

An opinion poll among the population of Zabaikalsky Krai called the Daursky State Nature Biosphere Reserve one of the seven wonders of Zabaikalye. All parts of the Dauria ecoregion are closely interconnected. There is a regular circulation and redistribution of animals. So protection of a separate part of nature complex cannot be effective. Russia, Mongolia and China signed the official Agreement on creation of the only in Asia trilateral reserve in Ulaanbaatar on March 29, 1994. It is situated in the south of Zabaikalie next to the Russian-Mongolian border. The typical landscapes of this protected territory are wetlands, steppe parcels, insular forestry and rocks massifs.
The list of species present today in the reserve and its protective zone includes 440 vascular, endemic and rare plants, 47 species of mammals, 317 species of birds, 3 species of reptiles, 2 species of amphibians.
Small salt lakes rich in food attracts to Dauria millions of migrating birds. Due to the fact that in north Dauria a thin stripe of steppes rich in water and food comes into mountain forest zone poor in lakes and wetlands, the way of birds’ migration in Torey hollow is narrowed, it is so called “bottleneck”. Almost 360 bird species stop in Dauria during their flight or nest, 25 of them are put into IUCN Red Data List. Among them are 4 species of cranes (Siberian Crane, Red-crowned Crane, White-napped Crane and Hooded Crane), Great Bustard, Swan Goose, Relict Gull.
This territory is also important for mammals. Four species of them are listed in the Red Data Book of Russia. People couldn’t live without nature. Our reserve is a real wonder of it and we must do our best to save this beautiful corner of our small Motherland.
Wonders are beside you, wonders are around!

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