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Uliyakan, my native place

Andrei Bodrov
11 form School №51 Uliaykan
Teacher Valentina Alexandrovna Reutova.

Hi, everybody! I would like to invite you to my native place. It is situated on Trans-Siberian Railway. Our station is called Uliyakan. The evenk’s word “uliaykan” means “running spring water” (живая вода). There is a spring of mineral water near our settlement. We believe in a beautiful legend about it. Let me to tell it. Many many years ago a person and a wild animal met in the taiga near a small lake. The person was an evenk hunter woman and the animal was an elk . A hungry wounded bear hurt hard the woman’s right shoulder. She had lost much blood and was very sick. The animal had lost much blood too. Its left leg was wounded too. Both the person and the animal were drinking the water greedily. It was very useful running water. Then the animal came into this lake. Its blood stopped running. It was like a dream. The woman and the elk had been living for some period of time here. They were getting well. They became friends. The hunter fed it with salt from her hands. One day early in the morning the animal went up the high mountain, gave its farewell roar and disappeared in the taiga. It was well again. The woman went to her home and told people about this wonderful spring. Nowadays it is a camp for children here. It is about 7 kilometers from our settlement.
Our settlement is more than 100 years old. It lies on the river Bely Uryum. The water in the river is clean. We are used swimming in fresh and clean water. We have good conditions for fishing, hunting, gathering mushrooms and berries, having a good rest. You will find the trees of wonderful length, beautiful flowers and green spinney, different sweet berries. People are very hospitable.
You are welcome!

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