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Цыдыпов Солбон, 11 класс
МОУ «Агинская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»
Забайкальский край, пгт. Агинское
учитель английского языка,
Жапова Инга Батоевна

The appearance of white dairy products marks the beginning of any Buryat holiday whether big or small it is. The main festival of the year is Sagalgan, as it is accustomed to call, meaning the coming of the white month. It is celebrated according to the lunar calendar on the first day of the first spring month, most often it comes to February.
The holiday begins with the presenting khadak and diary products: milk, curds, dried scrums to each other. Khadak is a stripe of cloth used as a gift to highly respected people. It has different meanings according to its colour, thus for example, blue khadak is usually given to man, yellow is for lamas, red is for chiefs, white is for women, and a green one is for children . The use of khadaks is especially important. There are some rules of giving khadak: a younger person have to come up to an older one keeping his khadak in outstretched palms and puts it into the hands of the older one who, in his turn, places it on the right arm of the younger. Finally they join their arms from the elbows to the hands. I think that the ceremony enables young generation to horner older people.
On the eve of the holiday (ofiicially named Dugzhuba) up to the morning of the first day of Sagalgan people gather in datsans to pray for common wealth and happiness and make offerings. Those who stay at home clean the home altars, switch on the lamps and make offerings too. In the morning of the first day after Lhama (the period of night from 12 o`clock till 5) everybody gets up early, women tidy up the yurta, cook food. People believe that namely this period goddess Lhama comes to their homes to bless them. It really comes true because everybody forgets about wars, quarrels and troubles during Sagalgan.

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