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Palekh. Museums of lacquer miniatures

Кулешов Данила, ГБОУ СОШ №1400, 7 класс
Учитель - Пронина Галина Игоревна.

If you are interested in the ancient Russian art, I advice you to visit such interesting villages as Palekh, Mstyora and Kholuy. They are situated along the Ivanovo-Nijney Novgorod auto road, about 30 km from Shuya.The villages stretch widely out among the woods and fields. There are no big factories and plants there. But you`ll enjoy visiting the Art museums of lacquer miniatures and learn more about the world known Art. Palekh, Mstyora and Kholuy became centers of icon painting in the 13th century and later developed special skills at working in miniature. In the XV century the region was a part of the Vladimir-Suzdal lands and was one of the first ancient centers of icon drawing trade. In the XVII-XVIII centuries Palekh’s craftsmen became the most famous in the icon business. After the October revolution Palekh masters tried to decorate wooden toys, dishes and glass. But the most interesting way turned out to be painting black-lacquered boxes. Beautiful by their proportions, elegant by their forms, the little jewelry boxes, bead boxes, and powder cases beamed with bright colours and sparkled with golden decorative patterns became famous around the world. Ordinary things were transformed into objects of art with hands of talented artists. The art of Palekh miniatures expresses the true national character. The Palekh art has received recognition at international exhibitions and has become world-known.

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