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My name is Natasha Mukhina. I am a student in the 8 a. I study at the Lezhnevskaya school 10. My English teacher’s name is Tatyana Gennadevna Kostrikina.

My hobbies are painting, reading and travelling.

I live in Lezhnevo, in one of little towns in Russia’s heart. How beautiful and old it is! Lezhnevo was found in 1423. Everybody is proud of history of his little motherland. How many generations lived here and they gave us many masterpieces of architecture. There are belltower and 3 churches in the centre of the settlement.
I also like the beauty of our Russian nature. Lezhnevo is surrounded with thicket woods and forests, meadows with wild flowers and green grass. And the Ukhtokhma is my favourite place which I visit every day in spite of the weather and my mood. I was born here, my childhood I spent on the river and I can’t imagine my life without it. I like to sit on its bank. If I am sad, I go there. I usually sink my feet into water and enjoy silence. I watch the temples and the belltower in a long distance. We little children were happy and spoke about everything in the world having set on the old wooden bridge 7-8 years ago.
I will always remember my favourite place.

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