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Иркутск, Памятник Александру III

Лукьянцева Ксения, 9 «А» класс
Отчесова Мария Вениаминовна.
МОУ ИРМО Карлукская СОШ Иркутского района

Hello, everybody. My name is Kseniya and I live near one of the nicest town of our country- Irkutsk. This town has interesting history and many monuments constructed all over its life. One of them is the monument to Alexander III. The idea of constructing this very monument belongs to Siberians who wanted to honour the memory of Transsiberian railway initiator.
The statue of the memorial made of dark bronze was cast by the metallurgists from St. Petersburg. One year beforehand people living in Irkutsk began building the landing pier and some squares near the planned monument.
On the 30th of August in 1908 the great opening of the monument took place. The day was bright and sunny. Many important people came to watch the procedure of opening this very monument. The figure of Alexander III was covered by cloth and as witnesses told it wasn’t so easy to uncover the monument. After the first attempt just his fist was seen. Only the firemen were able to help the situation.
During the Soviet times the memorial underwent many tragic moments including its total destruction. Only in 2003 the revived monument was triumphantly opened to the 100th anniversary of Transsiberian railway construction. Specialists tried to make the new monument very similar to the previous one.

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