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My native town Kemerovo

Маслакова Дарья Алексеевна
МБНОУ «Лицей
Ученица 9 «Г» класса.

Kemerovo is my native city and I`d like to tell you about it. The original name of my native city is Shcheglovsk. In 1932, Shcheglovsk was renamed Kemerovo and became the center of the Kemerovo region in 1943. Kemerovo is situated on the bank of the river Tom.
My native city is a big industrial centre. One can find a lot of big plats in all parts of Kemerovo. Many of them are well-known not only in Russia but in many other countries as well. The biggest plants are the Chemical Plants «AZOT», «TOKEM», «Koks». Kemerovo is a big cultural, educational, scientific centre. There are theatres,cinemas, museums in my native city. The most popular museum in Kemerovo is the «Krasnaya Gorka». It is very popular among both grown-ups and young spectators. There are many universities, academies and institutes in Kemerovo. Many of them are train specialists in different branches of our economy and education. There are a lot of monuments in my city. The most popular monuments in Kemerovo are the «Memory to miners of Kuzbas».
In Kuzbass the public interest for bandy is the biggest in Russia. Kuzbass is among the best in the Russia Bandy League. In 2007 the Bandy World Championships was held in Kemerovo.
There are a lot of parks and gardens in my city. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Tom River from the embankment. I think that Kemerovo is beautiful and tidy. I love my city very much.

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