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Kirov, sights

Сластникова Людмила Ивановна
МОАУ «Лингвистическая гимназия» города Кирова

Kirov is the centre of the Kirov region. The city is situated on the banks of the Vyatka river. The banks of the city are spanned with two bridges. The population is about 500 000 people. Our city is rather old. It was founded in 1374. In 1974 Kirovites celebrated the 600th anniversary of their city. At first its name was Vyatka, than Khlynov, than Vyatka again. In the nineteenth century it was a small provincial town with narrow streets and small wooden houses. Vyatka was a place of exile. In Vyatka and its region lived Hertsen, Korolenko, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Dzerzhinsky, Vorovsky and others. In 1934 Vyatka was renamed into Kirov in honour of one of the leaders of the Communist Party. Now Kirov is an important industrial centre. It has machine-building plants, the non-ferrous metals processing plant, the tyre plant, the synthetic leather plant and others.
The largest of them, the Hertsen Library, is in the centre of the city. It was named in honour of Hertsen, a writer and democrat. There is a monument to Hertsen in front of the library. There are also monuments to brothers Vasnetsovs, Grin, Konev, Lenin and Kirov in different places of the city. Other cultural and entertainment facilities include the Drama Theatre, the Theatre in Spasskaya, the Puppet Theatre, the Philharmonic Society, the Circus, palaces of culture and clubs. In the city there are some cinemas, a TV centre and some museums: the Art Museum, the National History Museum, the Grin Museum, the Saltykov-Shchedrin Literary Museum.Near the Vyatka river you can have a rest in the Alexandrovsky Garden. Kirov is a beautiful city and it has a lot of parks and even their own Botanical Garden.
All people who come to Kirov try to visit the Trifon monastery, a masterpiece of Russian archirecture.

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