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A beautiful school is a beautiful village.

Работу выполнили Вязникова Алена, Гвоздев Евгений,
Желудкова Елена, Зрюмова Вероника, Лямина Светлана,
Тураева Елизавета.
ученики 9 «а» класса МКОУ СОШ
с. Архангельское Немского района Кировской области

It is the subject of the project, which our school took part in. Twice our school won this contest in our district. In 2010 we took the second place in the local educational centre. And in 2009 our school team participated in the regional action “We Want to Build the Future of Russia” where we got a diploma of the third degree for this project.
We live in the Nema district in the Kirov region. Our school is in the centre of our village Arkhangelskoye. It is a 3-storey building. It has all the necessary facilities for studies. There are 138 pupils and 19 teachers at the school. We have large green halls, clean and light classrooms, places for relaxing and games on the breaks, gaily decorated Assembly Hall, nice canteen and gym. On the windows you can see white curtains. On the wall there are photos, pictures and pupils’ handmade works. The flowers are everywhere.
When the spring comes, the territory around the school is changed. We take away litter and tidy the area. We grow vegetables on the school kitchen garden, lay out flower – beds. Every year our school, built in 1974, becomes more and more beautiful, comfortable and cosy thanks to our headmaster, teachers, students and their parents. Our school is super!
Around the village you can see very attractive landscapes. Unfortunately, there is garbage, agrimory, stinging-nettles here and there. We decided that our village should be better. We asked our inhabitants to put their territory in order. We appeal to sponsors. We planted flower seedlings and lay out flower-beds near the shops, the post office, the church. We help to clean the Victory Park. We found a new Pine Park. We create a pleasant “home” with our own hands. Everyone is responsible for it is cleaning and keeping it in order.

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