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Измайлов Шамиль, Ууделепп Регина, ученики 7В класса
МОУ Лицей №10 им.Д.И.Менделеева
Басюк Эльвира Владимировна, учитель английского языка

Klin is first mentioned in the Nikon chronicle in 1317, when it was the part of fortress cities, located at Volga tributary streams. In 1492 the settlement joined the Moscow princedom (Moscovia). Later it was known as the patrimonial estate of Romanov family. Most ancient architectural monument of Klin was the four-column single-dome Uspenskaya church with rowlock portals and unique gable curtain walls, which was erected in the 16 th century.. In 1781 Klin became the district town on the Moscow region. In 1851 Klin was pierced by Nikolaevskaya railroad, connecting St. Petersburg and Moscow. The railroad provided perfect conditions for industrial development of the region. In 1897 the ironworks was built near the railway station. By the end of the 19 th century the town and its suburbs acquired 8 large plants and works.
Klin is surrounded by very picturesque nature – nice hills, framed by green forests. Klin is tightly linked with names of many famous Russian persons of science and culture: artists V. Perov and A. Korin, sculptress Vera Mukhina, writer Mikhail Prishvin and many others. Former Boblovo estate, located near Klin, hosted great Russian scientist – Dmitry Mendeleev, who lived there from 1865 until 1906. In August 1887 the chemist performed a balloon ride in order to observe a sun eclipse.
Another attraction for tourist is located 16 km northwest from Klin in the Beresino village. It is a wooden Nikolskaya church of cage type, which was built in 1775.
Modern Klin is one of industrial centres of the Moscow Region. The city shelters about 100 thousand of citizens.

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