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Cosmic Samara

Ученица10 класса - Хафиятуллова Алина.
Учитель – Антонова Надежда Георгиевна.
МБОУ Школа № 32 г. Самара.

Samara is known as the capital of space industry of Russia. The state educational institution of higher professional education Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolyov (SSAU) prepares the engineers for the aircraft industry and specialists for the space-rocket, aircraft, radio-electronic, metallurgical, automotive industry and others. At present the University is the leading institute of higher education of federal value. The International Aerospace lyceum works at the SSAU. The Air Transport College is opened. You can visit Samara Aviation and Space Exploration University Museum here.
Moreover, SAMARA SPACE CENTRE develops, manufactures and operates middle-class launch vehicles and automatic spacecraft for remote sensing of the Earth for scientific purposes. Activity of TsSKB-Progress, according to the Federal Space Program, is aimed at research activities, economic progress and Russian Federation national safety. TsSKB-Progress also participates in all the important international scientific and commercial programs. Samara astronaut Oleg Kononenko was in outer space. Samara Geoinformation Center is the highest-capacity university space center in Russia. The primary task of the center is development of space information technology.
Space museum "Cosmic Samara" was founded in 2007. The modern museum premises are used not only for permanent and temporary exhibitions but also they are the place where conferences, festivals, holidays and city events are held. Today the museum collection is represented by 900 exhibits including unique ones. Samara city became the venue of the large-scale photo session, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight. Satellite imagery of the largest square in Europe – the Kuibyshev Square – was carried out during the tele-marathon “Let’s go! 50” in early April 2011. Students of Samara universities lined up forming the inscription “Samara-Cosmos-50” ("Самара-Космос-50") with their bodies at the moment, when GeoEye-1 satellite was passing by to take the image of this area. There is a monument to a spaceman in our city.

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