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Вестникова Анна Андреевна.
Преподаватель – Колганова Светлана Геннадьевна

Родилась 11 октября 1993 года в Костроме. Затем с родителями переехала в другой город, но до сих пор вспоминаю свою Родину. Сейчас я – студентка Серовского Политехнического техникума, заканчиваю 2 курс.

Мой преподаватель – Колганова Светлана Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка 1 категории, заинтересовала меня проводимым конкурсом. Надеюсь, моё сочинение будет интересным.

My native town is Kostroma, it is a quiet small town at the coast of Volga. This is an ancient city with a lot of historical monuments and sights. It is possible to enjoy the places of interest on a motorship, walking along the embankment and simply wandering around the centre of the city.
One of the Kostroma’s monuments is Kalancha- a picturesque building which played a large role in the life of the city, now it decorates it.
At the coast of Volga, near the river station an arbour of Ostrovskiy was built in 1956. The arbour under the architectural forms reminds an ancient garden and arbours in Russian manors. The arbour has 7 columns. Ostrovsky`s arbour is well-know still for the well-known film “Cruel romance” under Ostrovsky`s play “ Dowerless girl”.
In Kostroma was built a monument devoted to Ivan Susanin, there is a museum in his honor. This person made a teat on Kostroma`s territory. Fellow countrymen honor memory of him.
Having arrived to Kostroma many people hurry up to visit a Bogoslovjansko- Anastasiin monastery. It is very fine, as a monder- working icon of Fedorovsky (Bozhiej) mother is stored in it. This icon has more than 800 years, history it is considered Wonder- Working because many cases of healing, the help to people which played to it known. From every corner of the world people go to bow to this icon, to ask for the help. If you at least for a short while arrived to Kostroma, don`t miss the chance, visit its wonderful monastery, after all each of us has something about what to ask and thank the Tsaritsa Heavenly.
Still it is possible to tell about a museum of flax and birch bark. In trading- showroom of modern flax it is possible not only to look at works of Kostroma`s skilled workers, but also to get the pleasant things. Wares are here presented from the wollen and stocking flax, different linen clothes, including Russian national men`s shirts, womans sarsfans (sun- dresses). There is a school- studio at the museum, where children of different ages are taught. Simalary adults can learn the work with birch bark at master- classes.
Yet I want to tell about Kostromskoy cheese. «Kostroma- is the cheese capital of Central Russia». Most known and got wide distribution Kostromskoy and Susaninskiy sorts of cheeses. Annually at the exhibitions “Russian food stuffs” kostroma`s cheeses are marked diplomas, golded and silver medals and “Susaninskiy” is added to the catalogue the “100 best commodities of Russia” We can say that cheese is a visiting- card of Kostroma.

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