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Armavir, Krasnodar Region

Ткаченко Ольга, Армавир
1 курс факультета иностранных языков
Армавирская государственная педагогическая академия

I was born in Rostov-on-Don, but when I was little my parents and I moved to Armavir. I have lived in Armavir for 17 years so far; it is nearly all my life, that’s why I think that Armavir is my hometown. My town is neither big, nor small. It is a very beautiful place with many colourful parks, gardens and sparkling fountains. Our florists and gardeners try their best to make Armavir unique and incomparable. Besides, silver fir-trees cultivated by Armavir horticulture specialists are planted near the Kremlin Wall in Moscow.
Armavir has a lot of interesting sights. You can find here more than 200 historical monuments and architectural attractions. The most important ones are: the buildings of the Tatar Mosque and Armenian Gregorian Church, Orthodox Churches and monumental works of art. Tourists can visit one of the oldest museums of the Kuban region – the Armavir Museum of Regional studies. Theatre-lovers are always welcome to the Armavir Drama and Comedy Theatre named after Lunacharsky, which recently celebrated its centennial jubilee.
Moreover, Armavir is a sports centre. There is a big stadium, an ice palace, 2 swimming-pools and many gyms here. I must also add that Armavir is an educational town. There are 12 higher educational institutions, 12 institutions of professional education and 28 secondary schools. In their spare time people can go to the cinema, cafes, clubs and restaurants.
I think I can be proud of my homeland. I am sure that in some years Armavir will be even better.

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