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Novokubansk: Solzhenitsyn’s Domain

Павленко Андрей Сергеевич
Бурыкина Елена Александровна
7 «Б» класс, МОБУ СОШ № 4, г. Новокубанск

Name’s Andrew, I’m 14. I live in Novokubansk. It’s a small town on the south of our country. But in spite of its size our town is famous for its fields and UFO. But I want to tell you about one more sight of our town. It is a famous domain of Russian well-known writer – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

When I was a young boy I played in the park not far from Solzhenitsyn’s house. It was very old, dark and grave. My friends often told me scary stories about ghost who lives there. Later when I liked reading very much I decided to know the real history of this house. Solzhenitsyn’s domain, as I’ve already wrote, is an old house made from bricks. This house has a long and very interesting history. But let me to tell my story from the beginning.
About one hundred years ago Zahar Tcherback came to the Kuban. There he built the house and became to farm. “My grandfather were not Kazaks, they were peasants”, - said the writer about his parents. Later Zahar married the smith’s daughter Evdokiya and bought some hectares of land. Some years later Zahar piled up money and decided to build a big house. And in 1905 the Tcherbaks came to the new house. They laid out the park with a swimming pool near the house.
Alexsander Solzhenitsyn was born in 1918 in Kislovodsks. He went to his grandfather’s house many years later and he sent many letters to the habitants of Novokubansk. He always shares his triumphs and sorrows with them.
At the first time when Solzhenitsyn came to the domain it was the end of the 20th century, the house was neglected. The government of the town couldn’t decide what they should do with this house. At first, they wanted to found a casino there, and then they decided to rebuild it into the club. But, fortunately, they didn’t do it. About 5 years ago the other history of this house has begun. The church was founded there. Solzhenitsyn wrote about it in letters to the habitants of Novokubansk: “My grandfather was a committed Christian. And I think there is nothing better than to found there a church”.
This house is included into the building preservation notice.

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