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Моисеев Максим Сергеевич
Бурыкина Елена Александровна
7 «Б» класс, МОБУ СОШ № 4, г. Новокубанск

I think everyone like his motherland. There is no place like home! That’s why my story is about my native town Novokubansk.

I was born in Novokubansk. It’s my native town, but I like it very much because it’s my motherland! Novokubansk is a small town on the south of our country. It is situated not far from Krasnodar.
Our town was founded in 1867 by Kazaks. At that time it hasn’t been Novokubansk yet. It was a village Kubanskoe. In 1893 the hospital was built by baron Shtejngel. The hospital was very small – there were only 4 wards. The population of the village was dwindled in 1933. It was a widespread famine. Several years later it was collectivization. The people have had an ample harvest. Their life became better. In 1936 the village became a centre of district. The industry became its improvement. About 20 years later after II World War, in 1966, the village Kubanskoe became the town Novokubansk.
As I’ve already said, Novokubansk is a small town, but things are really zipping along here. There are many parks in our town. The most beautiful is our Central Park. It’s always full of people – children played there, the youth meets there, old men and women walk there at the evening. There is also and the oldest park in our town. It’s a park near the Solzhenitsyn’s Domain. There are many oaks there. In the centre of Novokubansk there many clubs, discos, cafes. Near the Central Park there is a museum, where everyone can know something new about our town.
Most of all I like the backwater which is located not far from museum. Every day there you can see beautiful swans there. I like to feed them. It’s so amazing to see wildlife in the town! I would like to tell you that I like my native town. I know every place of it. Wherever I go I’m always glad to come back here. For me there is no other place in the world where I can feel myself like at home.

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