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Novokubansk: Circles on the fields

Садчикова Анна Игоревна
Бурыкина Елена Александровна
6 «Б» класс, МОБУ СОШ № 4, г. Новокубанск

Садчикова Анна Игоревна

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Ann, I’m a 13 years old girl, living in Novokubansk. My favorite school subjects are English & Astronomy. Perhaps, that’s why my story is about UFO.

During last ten years you could see many references about Novokubansk in different newspapers in connection with UFO. The first article was written in 1996 when there was the first appearance of the UFO near Novokubansk. The article was published in “The Komsomolskaya Pravda” with some photos of the circle on the field. Three years later, in April of 1999 one more circle has appeared on the field near the road from Novokubansk to Armavir. In June of this year there was one more circle near Novokubansk. It has done Novokubansk more popular, but the harvest of crops has reduced for many people who want to see the circles.
The famous group of researchers named “Kosmopoisk” went to Novokubansk for analyzing circles. The fact of the matter is that unhealthy interest to the mysterious circles, warmed up by mass media, has led to the present boom and the whole industry on creation of man-made circles. After long analysis it was concluded that these circles have a natural origin. Researchers of "Kosmopoisk" have paid attention that plants haven’t broken. It has a characteristic bend angle of ninety grades but continues to grow. This fact puzzles scientists very much because nowadays there is no such technology which would allow bending of a plant without damaging its stalk.
According to the reports of “Kosmopoisk” the circles had sharp edges and bottom line with neatly flat rows of ears lying in several layers. There was a wisp of untouched ears in the center. But along the circle the twisted ears are laid spread-eagled. Inside of the circle a compass moved chaotically. The watches of different types were faster.
In conclusion it’s necessary to say that circles on the fields can be found all over the world, but at present day there is no one theory why it appears. May be in future we’ll know it. I hope I can find the truth when I become an adult.

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