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KUBNIITiM, Krasnodar Region

Чистоделова Наталья, Новокубанск
1 курс факультета иностранных языков
Армавирская государственная педагогическая академия

English people say “There is no place like home”. And I quite agree with it. There are many beautiful cities in our country, but the place where you were born is always dear and sweet to you. Such place for me is a small settlement called KubNIITiM (Kuban Research Institute for Testing Tractors and Agricultural Machines). It was founded in 1956 for testing tractors and other agricultural machines. I have been living here all my life. It’s a typical Kuban settlement, but it has some special flavour. There’s a spirit-producing plant, a ceramic plant and a sugar factory hereabouts. As any other settlement KubNIITiM has a cultural centre with a club, libraries, a shopping mall, a secondary school and not large but a very beautiful park. There is a church in that park in a former baronial mansion. Baron Solzhenitsin who had lived there, was poor, but very intelligent man, who achieved success and became quite well-known. He designed everything in his estate himself and as the legend goes there is a large cellar with baron`s wines and treasures under the clearing with an oak. KubNIITiM isn’t large but very picturesque, especially in spring. Rich vegetation, flowerbeds and bushes make it charming.
There is not much civilization in KubNIITiM but I like it as it is.

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