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Шипулина Юлия Владимировна.
Обучаюсь в МБОУ СОШ №1 в 11 классе.

Люблю общаться, знакомиться с людьми, одна встреча описана в тексте, и получать новые впечатления.

What can you tell about Kuban? May be, you answer that Kuban is an area of tourism, a nation of farmers … Everything you say is true but let me add that the Krasnodar Region is the best place for investments.
Thanks to the Winter Olympic games in 2014, Sochi became the investors’ favorite, of course. The international investment forum took place in Sochi in 2007 and a lot of agreements were signed by foreign companies and businessmen of Kuban. Today we can enjoy modern buildings and new technologies in different spheres. We have only two years to finish the construction of objects and everybody will see our achievements. Sometimes I imagine the Winter Olympic games. I will go there as a volunteer or a journalist. I think I will reside in the biathlon track as I adore this kind of sport, and I will try to catch the sportsmen for a conversation and an autograph. It will be unforgettable time.
I live in a town and I want to share my impression about a competition. I woke up early, called my best friend but she did not expect me calling, so she went without good mood. Do you think she was disappointed? No, she was not! We were shocked to see famous racers driving along the streets of our town. We made a lot of photos but the most memorable was the meeting with one racer. He was from England. He was a navigator. His name was Paul Round. I got a chance to ask him some questions and then I told about this episode in my article in our local newspaper. I took photo with him and he gave me an autograph. This picture is on my wall above the bed now. I will always remember that meeting as it was my first conversation with a foreigner. I live in the Region Kuban and I am proud of my birthplace. A lot of people say that the Krasnodar Region is a paradise. Do you agree? I do!

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