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Stanitsa Ivanovskaya

Пичкалёва Полина Александровна
Ученица 6а класса МБОУ СОШ № 18 ст. Ивановской
Учитель: Кобецкая Светлана Николаевна

I`d like to tell you about my Motherland-stanitsa Ivanovskaya. It is situated in the north-west of Krasnodar region near highway Krasnodar- Temryuk. It was founded in 1794 by Kuban Cossacks. It is one of the first forty settlements of Kuban Cossacks in the area. There are some interesting historical facts about our stanitsa. There are 16 ancient mounds in this area. There is one church which was built in 1797. These facts attract attention of some specialists.
Some great and outstanding people were born and lived in Ivanovskaya, for example, a famous academician P.P. Lukyanenko. He was born in 1901 in Ivanovskaya. He discovered new sorts of wheat which are popular all over the world. There is a monument in honour of P.P. Lukyanenko in the centre of our stanitsa.
During the Great Patriotic War there was the 46th women` aviation regiment in our stanitsa. The monument “ The Plane” was established in the 50th anniversary of Victory over Germany. People of Ivanovskaya are proud their heroes and remember their names, such as Gorbachyov I. P., Lyah D. P., Klyukin V.S., Gorbonos D. S.
There are no good roads, high buildings and shop centers in Ivanovskaya. There are some shops, one hospital, three schools, three kindergartens, one library, one musical school, two markets, and one church. However, people in Ivanovskaya are kind and hardworking. I`m proud of my stanitsa and want it to be always beautiful!

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