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Greek Community in Trekhselskoye, Krasnodar Region

Кесова Светлана, Армавир
1 курс факультета иностранных языков
Армавирская государственная педагогическая академия

The village Trekhselskoye is located in Uspensky rayon, Krasnodar Krai. It was founded in 1907 after merging of three smaller villages: Pobeda Oktyabrya, Novy Put΄ and Peredovik.
The first Greek families came to the village Trekhselskoye in 1947. Basically, all the settlers were from Georgia. They travelled by train to the city of Armavir, and then to our village. (Surprisingly, many years ago there was a direct bus way from Greece to Trekhselskoye). They lived in barracks and worked on the farms cultivating various crops. The first people who came to the village were families of the Budagovs, Karaketovs, Kesovs, Kutsurovs and Balabanovs.
Now there are some real dynasties in the village with their traditions and national peculiarity. Greek community families honour their forefathers and bring up new generations according to national traditions: goodness, diligence, patriotism. Greek culture has evolved over thousands of years. However, the most authentic customs and habits are well preserved. The Greeks are famous for their glorious celebrations with beautiful dancing and singing, bright costumes, tasty food. During these festivities the music is heard everywhere.
My friends, who are my fellow students at the same time, are dancing in the group which is called “Ellada”. We have already taken part in numerous concerts and celebrations, festivals and competitions. It is so emotional every time because we can show our traditional dances to many people. Trekhselskoye is my little homeland. I love the place where I have grown up!
Welcome to a Greek Fairy Tale!

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