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Kurgan, Ludmila Tumanova

Варлакова Анастасия Викторовна
МБОУ г.Кургана «Гимназия№47»

Я учусь в седьмом классе гимназии №47. Мои любимые предметы литература и английский язык. Моего учителя по английскому зовут Кривоногова Лариса Игоревна, а по литературе Лапина Людмила Ивановна. В поэзии Людмилы Тумановой меня привлекает искренность, яркость и выразительность образов. Необычная судьба и мужественный характер поэтессы произвели на меня большое впечатление.

Ludmila Tumanova was born in the year of Russian victory in the Great Patriotic War, may be that is the reason and source of her endless courage, firmness, enthusiasm. Her mother Nadezhda , very noble, shy, mathematically and musically gifted woman, had to work as an accountant all her life. When Ludmila expressed her wish to become an actress, her mother took her application to the Selection committee of the Regional Drama studio of a Young Actor. In August 1963 a gifted girl began working as an assistant director of Kurgan television studio and continued her studies in the tenth grade at evening school. In October 24, the same year a tragic accident divided her life into two parts: light , hopeful youth and hard maturity. One evening a rejected admirer decided to revenge her for indifference: two knife strokes - as a result - onset of paralysis of both legs. Pain, despair and hopelessness filled her up. However, life must go on. Her inborn creativity helped her find her way out and overcome that misfortune. The girl’s thoughts, ideas, views were transforming into poems. With the help of her “best friend” guitar many poems turned into songs. Ludmila’s family gave her support, her poetry gave her satisfaction and fame.
The young poetess wrote about nature, her native town, friends, love for theatre. Some poems are devoted to her place and aim in life . Lots of girls in Russian cities and countryside were singing her song “Blue Star fall” dreaming about love and happiness. In 1972 Ludmila Tumanova was admitted to the Union of Journalists of the USSR, and in 1973 the music recording company "Melody," issued the first Tumanova’s vinyl disc. Besides she was named the winner of the award "Komsomol Zauralya "for her poetry and creativity (1982).
In 1983 "Melody" published the second album of songs "Ludmila Tumano va sings her songs." The same year the Kurgan edition "Periodicals" issued her first collection of poems and songs "Monologue to the accompaniment of a guitar", which included children's songs written for television tales. In March 2, 1997 in Kurgan Ludmila Tumanova’s benefit titled "I'm going to see you" was held with the help and financial support of her relatives, friends fans and town authorities. In autumn 2005 the second collection of poems and songs "Here's my portrait" came out. She decided to draw illustrations to her poems by herself. That idea was a real success. In reply Tumanova received thousands of grateful letters from all parts of the country: “Dear Lyudmila! Thank you very much for your songs. They express so much kindness, sincerity, tenderness, that it is impossible to forget them.”
In spite of her disability Ludmila was not a stay-at-home. She was constantly invited to other cities and places. In 1985 she was offered to participate in the New Year TV show “Shire Krug”, where she met well-known Russian composers Jan Frenkel, Vladimir Shainsky, Mikhael Tariverdiev and others. They highly estimated her poetry.
Now Ludmila’s health doesn’t let her meet with her fans face to face, but she contacts with them using the Internet, where we can find her sincere and optimistic songs and poems, watch her photos made by the friends. Her inner beauty is reflected in her eyes and on the face.

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