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Курган в творчестве художника Эдуарда Алексеева

Кокотеева Лада Сергеевна
МБОУ города Кургана «Гимназия № 47», 9Б класс
Учителя английского языка:
Варлакова Анна Юрьевна, Бубликова Елена Григорьевна
Учитель МХК: Золотухина Людмила Валерьевна

Кокотеева Лада Сергеевна
My name is Lada Kokoteeva, I am 15 and I’m a student of the 9th form of “Gymnazia №47” of Kurgan. I have been interested in art for some yearsalready, and I finished an Art school in 2011.
Many talanted painters made a great impact on the development of art in Kurgan region and the name of Edward Alekseev is among them. His works make you feel love to your birthplace. Edward Alekseev belongs to the artist generation of 80-s, who made principal changes in the art of Zayralye. One of the painter’s favourite genres is a town landscape. Alekseev’s works are modern and at the same time make you long for the past. The painter’s art beautifies the modest Kurgan’s architecture. The landscapes of Alekseev make us feel longing for old cosy world, measured rtythm of life, traditional way of living. On the landscapes of Alekseev the houses and trees are rocking, bending to each other, inviting us to the space of yards and alleys, to the open doors of blocks of flats and gates. His favourite season is winter, because snow can express any caprice or fan of the artist. Blue and pink, green and lilac snow-drifts live on Alekseev’s canvases inspite of black-and-white winter palette. Night, dusk, dawn themes attract the artist and it reveals his romantic personality, and desire to express mystery sorrow, state of anxiety in his canvases. With time man’s figures began to appear in his quiet, lonely streets and yards. Alekseev’s art beautifies modest Kurgan’s architecture. The imageof the native town and Russian province itself is revealed very emotionally, exaitingly and psychologically true.

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