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Матвеев Егор, ученик ГБОУ ЦО №1481 6б класса.
Береславская Елена Александровна,
учитель английского языка высшей квалификации,
Почетный работник общего образования,
Ветеран труда. Стаж работы 30 лет.

What can be better than a visit to the country? I think nothing. Since my childhood I have been going there during my summer holidays. I love this place very much even more than Moscow. My country is far from the capital and it takes me ten hours to get there by train. The name of it is Kastornoye. My granny lives there. What beautiful scenery I can see there! There are large fields with colourful flowers, picturesque forests, shining rivers full of fish and amazing blue sky in my country. I always admire this beauty. Kastornoye is believed to be founded in the year of 1590, when the first castles appeared on the outskirts of the State of Moscow. The first settlers were the Cossacks. It is assumed that they were from the Ukrainian city, as Ivan the Terrible in 1575 suspended the guard service. Livny Yelets Cossacks and other provinces were dared to write chelobitnuya to the tzar. There are many famous churches in Kastornoye, such as: the Church of Our Lady and St Akhtyrka Dimitri of Rostov in the village of Upper Grayvoronka, the Church of Our Lady of Vladimir in the village of Vladimirovka, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in the Village of Kastornoye. These churches harmonize with the nature of this lovely place. All of them are very beautiful and I can’t imagine my village without them. My village is situated to the south from Moscow and it is always warm there. You can swim and sunbathe almost every day. Though I live in the city, I like to be in the country and breathe in fresh air and see no cars as I am tired of them. I think that it is the best place in the world. I like Moscow very much but my native place is my village where I can be in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. That is why I always look forward to my summer holidays.

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