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Sanatiriy «Marino»

Марутян Наринэ Дерениковна
ГБОУ ЦО 1884

Sanatiriy «Marino» of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian federation is located in the former manor of princes Bariatinskiy- a unique architecture monument of the beginning of 19 centures. The Kursk region is beautiful, but there is no more refined and magnificent place, than "Marino". «Маrino» is located in 100 kilometers from Kursk, far from the big industrial enterprises and motorways, near to an ancient town Rilsk. Therefore everything breathes the Russian history here - rough, difficult, sometimes bloody, sometimes romantic. Prince Ivan Ivanovich Barjatinsky the soldier, the diplomat, the expert of agrarian business has introduced the colour of romantism to the Russian history. Tnanks to him we have got such Marinsky miracle. He’s created it and devoted to the name of his wife princesses Maria Fedorovny. The mansion was called after her name.
The general composition of a palace, its amazing interiors are executed in style of the late classicism. Near to it the landscape park by the area more than 200 hectares which pleases us till now with shady avenues, emerald lawns, solar glades, century and unique trees (all more than 180 breeds of wood vegetation) has been broken.
Unique colors give to castle-park ensemble the big man-made pond with two islands and located on them a rotunda , with the bridges thrown through channels. Having a rest on the bank of a pond, you can fish, feed swans and wild ducks.
Thanks to scale of well-groomed grounds visitors don't disturb each other, and it seems that all this space belongs to everyone personally. The nature, fresh air, all atmosphere of "Marino" promote improvement here treat not only a body, but also spirit.

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